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ProjectionWorks simplifies the process of building wire harnesses by projecting step-by-step instructions directly onto the harness board.

Import harness data files from your existing harness design software and simply configure how you would like that data to be displayed on the board.

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“This disruptive manufacturing technology has saved more than 200 hours per plane and a potential $111 million for the F-35 program alone. ProjectionWorks will revolutionize how we assemble, maintain and repair our fleets – from jets, to submarines, to ships, to satellites.”

U.S. Air Force

    key features

    Reduce harness rework due to human error

    By breaking down the assembly process of a harness into its logical components we can improve the quality of work from the technicians in a shorter time. Projecting only the information that the technician requires for a single given task ensures mistakes will be significantly reduced and the time to build will be decreased.

    Remove cost for printing materials

    The need to print materials to build a harness also increases overhead costs by requiring large size paper, ever increasing ink prices, and maintenance for a large-scale printer. Even on smaller scale printed drawings, these overhead printing costs quickly add up over time reducing your bottom line.

    Eliminate wasted space storing harness boards

    For each harness that is built, generally, a corresponding plywood board with nails is needed. This can very quickly fill up storage leading to more and more space being required. Unfortunately, as the storage footprint expands in your shop, your revenue generating space for harness assembly decreases.

    Easily distribute changes to work instructions or board layouts

    Changes made to a harness in ZUKEN’s Harness Builder for E3.series can be exported and subsequently imported into to ProjectionWorks for fast turn-around time to the shop floor without the need to reprint any drawings! Each subsequent time the harness is built, the new work instructions will be automatically available to the technician.

    Continuity Task

    Cirris Easy-Wire

    ProjectionWorks™ has partnered with Cirris Systems to integrate Cirris Easy-Wire into the ProjectionWorks™ system. By creating a Cirris Test Launch Task, the user can launch Cirris Easy-Wire by opening the task in Operator™. Cirris Easy-Wire will open and log in according to the username and password given in the configuration of the task. This will test for continuity and either confirm that the harness was assembled correctly, or that there was an issue in a specific connector.

    Rethinking Harness Board Storage

    With Modular Components

    We outfit traditional wire harness board accessories with neodymium magnetic feet, which are designed to hold up to five pounds. When combined, these magnets can support the weight of even the heaviest of wire harnesses.
    The use of modular components unlocks access to an unlimited number of wire harness configurations. This enables wire harness manufacturers to easily convert floor space into hard-drive space, freeing up valuable resources which can be used to generate additional revenue.


    Harness Board

    The ProjectionWorks 4’x8’ harness board is comprised of a steel frame that supports two projection systems per 4‘x8’ section. Multiple boards can be combined together to create a board length to satisfy nearly every application.

    Outfitting the 4’x8’ harness board with a steel sheet enables the use of modular magnetic components for reconfiguration. Additionally, this system supports up to two (2) articulating Ergotron Monitor Arms each with a Dell Optiplex All-In-One PC.