Kuka Official System Partner

Delta Sigma Company is the premier integrator of KUKA robotics across the Eastern United States. We handle everything from cell design, programming, tooling and installation

Precision Alignment

Delta Sigma Company’s Precision Alignment System was used to quickly align and mate the three major fuselage assemblies on the F-22 Raptor.

Automatic Sorting

Delta Sigma Company’s sorting systems can not only perform sorting tasks, distributing goods via a conveyor system to specific destinations, but also clean and apply blister packaging too.

We Can build Anything.

(pretty much)

Delta Sigma Company has implemented solutions in factory automation supporting a wide degree of vertical markets.


Past Projects

Wing Beam Drilling Machine

Automatic Drilling Gantry Replaces Manual Drilling This project was to replace a manual drilling process of the primary Wing Beam structural panels of a large

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