Using Machine Vision to Assemble the F-22 Fuselage

“Using a beam of light as an “alignment pin” for making critical aircraft fuselage section mates.” Precision Alignment Using Machine Vision Delta Sigma Company developed a machine vision-based system to align the fuselage sections of the F-22 on the Final Assembly Line (FAL) in Marietta, GA.  The alignment of the sections for the fuselage mate […]

Challenging Alignment: C-5M Super Galaxy Engine Pylon Replacement

“Machine Vision alignment system helps install new engine pylons on Air Force C-5M.” Ensuring correct alignment of Air Force C-5M pylons When Lockheed Martin was selected to upgrade the US Air Force’s C-5 Galaxy fleet, Delta Sigma Company was asked to develop an automated alignment positioning tool to ensure correct alignment of the new stronger […]

Wing Beam Drilling Machine

Automatic Drilling Gantry Replaces Manual Drilling This project was to replace a manual drilling process of the primary Wing Beam structural panels of a large Cargo plane from getting one hole per “button push” with an automatic drilling process that completes one wing beam per “button push”, which is about 4,000 holes.  Drill time was […]

Automated Wing Milling Machine

Large, Lightweight, High Precision Milling Machine for Cutting Aircraft Wings This project was to replace a manual process that used a handheld router with a fully automated milling machine. This reduced the cut time from 8 hours to 3 minutes, greatly improved ergonomics, and the overall quality of the cut.  The left and right wings […]

MiniMill: Special Purpose Milling Machine

Calculating and Cutting the Optimal Mating Surface in Aircraft Wing Joints This project was to develop and build a wireless measurement technique to measure the total variance of the mate surface of the wing of a large Cargo aircraft and 3-axis (of which 2 axes are linear and one is polar) milling machine that is […]

Stacker / Drill Automation

Reduced Floor Space and Increased Productivity This project reduced the floor space requirements by 70% while improving productivity by 400%. The system drills hundreds of holes in each of 55 variants of bulkheads that are made on 10 variants of jigs. The bulkheads are the primary support structures for the cargo floor of a large […]

Automating an Old Drill & Rivet Machine

From One button-push per Rivet to One button-push per Panel This project was to create a CNC capability on an old machine that was manually operated. Prior to this project, a technician would retrieve a template and lay it over a panel that was held together by a few manually drilled and installed rivets. The […]

Cargo Ramp Drill

Automating A Manual Drilling Process With Computer Numerical Control (CNC) This project took a long difficult manual drilling process and fully automated with a CNC system that was built for this purpose. The system design made it easy to load in component parts and take out a completed assembly using the existing tooling. The Cargo […]

Using Machine Vision to Calibrate Countersink Depth on F-22 Aircraft

“Smart camera system helps calibrate high-precision CNC drill.” Automating F-22 Aircraft Production The F-22 vertical stabilizer has a few thousand holes for fasteners that are drilled in a composite/composite stack or a composite/titanium stack. The hole diameters range from very small to quite large at the root. The absolute position of these holes requires a […]

Fuselage Rollover System

Mobile and Fixed Rollover Fixtures for Fighter Jet In this project Delta Sigma produced two rollover systems – one mobile to take the F-22 center fuselage from the assembly building to the paint hanger about one half mile away and the other a fixed clean-and-deFOD system in the assembly building. The Rollover Dolly was a […]