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    The squat dihedral is a hybrid calibration target offering the scattering response from a traditional squat cylinder from one aspect, and then a 22.5 degree rotated right dihedral from the 180-degree aspect. This dual calibration devices offers numerous advanced features for RCS measurement ranges, beyond the traditional squat cylinder. The dual calibration target enables range operators to perform a calibration validation function using a single target without having to access the chamber twice, saving substantial set-up time and greatly reducing errors associated with target mounting and alignment. The low frequency performance of the cylinder region is extended below that of the traditional squat cylinder due to presence of the oblique dihedral edges rather than a right-angle diffraction mechanism. The 22.5-degree dihedral offers full-polarization calibration with all four linear polarizations approaching the same scattering level in the high frequency region. DSC offers closed volume designs to rest on foam columns or open volume models to fit your top-hat style AZ/EL positioners. Full-wave and physical optics RCS data are available based on electrical size.