Small turntable used for antenna measurements



    DSC turntables can be used to rotate a foam column for RCS testing of small targets, rotate cars, or anything between.  Commonly they are used for electromagnetic testing of missiles or small rockets, but cell phones and wifi-enabled thermostats are also tested this way.  DSC turntables are sometimes used with the top flush with the floor, and sometimes they sit on top of the floor.  Often the turntable is a base for multiple other positioners that are placed on it for different types of testing in the same range, which can include antenna characterization, radome transmissivity, radar cross section, or other types of RF measurements.

    For these type measurements, extremely stable velocity, a wide velocity range, easy integration with other axes when necessary, low or zero backlash, high data rates, and long-term reliability are key features that are needed for high quality RF measurements. Small turntables are fairly easy to make; good ones that produce top quality RF measurement data are not so easy. DSC can provide you with a turntable that will provide excellent quality data under a wide range of conditions.