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    For personnel safety and target access, DSC offers robust target handling options for access at ground level. However, there are many situations when mounting and dismounting heavy targets up high is a necessity. DSC designs and builds personnel work platforms (PWP) that places measurement personnel, targets, tools, communications, and other hardware from the ground level up to the top of the positioner and back down quickly, safely, and with minimal effort. The built-in ability to compress our structures to get through a chamber door with a built-in target hoist on a front-to-back gantry are typical features. PWP’s are customized to meet your specific needs which are driven by your staging area, pylon or antenna positioner, chamber, door, and targets. Chambers that utilize multiple target support systems can use the PWP to transition the target support systems between the staging area and the chamber. R&D chambers can change target configurations without disturbing the test environment. DSC PWP systems are designed by experienced mechanical engineers based on input from experienced range operators.