Large turntable used for positioning and rotating objects during testing



    Performing RF measurements of a critical nature on operable vehicles such as large heavy ground vehicles, sea surface vehicles, and aircraft presents the tester with difficult challenges in getting the quality data needed for analysis adequately separated from the test environment itself. Large turntables by DSC are each specifically designed to meet the challenges of its intended purpose.  Surface coatings, removable fixturing of various kinds, and complementary axes have all been used to support the types of targets used on large turntables.

    When a large turntable is needed, it is likely that the test itself has an unusually high degree of risk inherent.  DSC systems are built with proven safety systems that reliably cover a wide array of risks to mitigate them to an acceptable level while still keeping productivity at acceptable levels as well.  Design features include being able to dismount a target under any potential failure case, and the ability to replace most components even under loaded conditions. These design features are essential safety items where DSC brings value to your test range when the object being tested is extraordinarily expense yet somewhat fragile in the condition it is being tested.