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    Taking RCS measurements with 360 degrees of azimuth capability is quite simple but getting 360 degrees of elevation adds a significant challenge.  DSC’s vertical turntable allows small targets to be viewed from any elevation angle as well as azimuth.  This allows the full characterization of a target.

    This system can be used in a medium-sized anechoic chamber for targets up to about 4 feet and 50 pounds. The target support arm is easily removable to allow the chamber to be used for other purposes such as heavy RCS models or antenna characterization measurements.  Larger and heavier targets could be accommodated if requested.

    The target support arm holds an azimuth positioner at the end of it which rotates a fiberglass-reinforced foam column, allowing any AZ and any EL angle to be viewed.

    If you have a requirement to collect the full spherical data set to characterize the RCS with elevation angles +/- 90 degrees, please contact Delta Sigma Company to discuss your needs.