Pylons & Rotators

DSC builds low RCS pylons that are strong and reliable. They are topped with a one, two, or three-axis positioner that is fast and stable. Backlash of 0.005 degrees is available for AZ, EL, and roll.

Countless Options

DSC builds simple pylons that bolt to the slab, retractable pylons that can be stowed fully underground so that a foam column can be used in the same quiet zone, retractable pylons that come low for target mounting, mobile pylons on air bearings, rotating pylons, tilting pylons… whatever your test and target mounting considerations are, DSC has probably already seen it and solved it.

No Operator Necessary

We have self-loading positioners that require no bolts, tape, or “butter” to close out. The pylon comes to the target, picks it up, takes it into the chamber and runs the full test matrix on it, and returns the target to the staging area and dismounts it – without an operator.